Enterprise-ready, clinical grade.

We’ve built moveUP with the capacity to power health systems.

MDR Class IIa (pending)
Reimbursed in EU
FDA registered

Collect PROMs & RWD easily.

Capture clinically relevant data at scale quickly

Proactive side effect monitoring, allowing for timely intervention and support

Efficiently prioritize and manage your surgical patients

Patient engagement & tailored exercises: videos and information boxes​

Track patients' activity, status, and side effects in real-time, even when they are outside the clinic premises

A seamless and efficient patient experience through joint management by surgeons and PTs

Joint management feature for surgeons and PTs to manage patients together

A personalized post-operative care plan tailored to your patient's needs

Prevent readmissions by providing better discharge education & follow-up to your patients through a virtual care program

Make moveUP your own

Your health system, your brand. We can set up customizations to ensure you own the full customer experience.

Faster & safer patient recovery. Seamless patient experience. Automated physician software.

Automated triaged care flows, exercise video libraries, clinically-validated questionnaires and patient chat built in.

Health-system ready.

Everyone’s invited, and moveUP is ready to power your entire health facility.


Manage complex, multi-stage & long oncology pathways


Drive bariatric workflows and improve patient lives.


Ensure post-surgery followup & patient recovery.


Track and trace patients lung recovery journey.


Manage post-op surgery data capture.

Used by real people.

moveUP comes with a team.

Our solution team is ready to start setting up your health system.

No complex DIY setup, no lengthy configuration tracks. Our teams can have you up and running fast and with the necessary implementation expertise.